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The only thing that really matters in our life is to simply live. And living simply. With today’s society and eyes, we are given this picture that the world is controlled by one main source. And it’s insane on what we put so much value on. And what we value the most. When it all comes down to it, does anything really matter that you’re stressing about now? All the bull shit little thoughts and bull shit problems we create for ourselves because even though we know it or not, we are just so bored with life that we cause problems for ourselves and to one another. Who really cares though? About anything. We all lose sight of what is really important. We get lost in today’s world and lose track of our spirit when that’s exactly what life is about. Becoming one with yourself and your soul, mind and body as a whole. We get lost spiritually when that’s exactly where we need to be. Life is all about building those connections and understandings. We all wish we could understand life more, but if you really took the time to just shut up and listen, all the answers make themselves known. Just sit and take time to think for a minute. Minus all the distractions we use to keep ourselves busy. This may not make sense to any one reading this, but it makes perfect sense as I type it now. But what does it matter, right? Words are just thoughts and thoughts are just moments. Ask yourself, but is this moment worth putting into words? Or will the words just make their way to the page and be just that. A passed thought. The real challenge is to take time to look at your life and see what is most important. Make those the focal points. Make those thoughts into moments. And put that moment into words. If you’re creating this “thing” you call a life, your own, at least make sure that the words you decided to set down and lay out will be words you would want to read on your death bead. Make it worth while. Put aside all of the bull shit in today’s world. Focus souly on yourself. Because that’s all you really have. Sure you have all these people and objects filling all the spots and holes, but when those things aren’t there to fill those gaps anymore, what is there? Nothing. Literally nothing in life truely matters. But we’re all so blinded because we all long for more. Everyone always wants more. We as a species are never satisfied with what we have. And sometimes we even lose track of what matters the most because we are so caught up feeding off of more and more. Be happy with what you’ve got. And notice and appreciate all the greater things in life. Yeah life fucking sucks. We all have to worry to live and support for ourselves and what we give is never enough because the ones around us constantly want more from us and since we can never give enough, we constantly take and expect more from others. And it just circles into a vicious cycle. We need to learn to look inside others and see what their soul is trying to say. Focus more on the heart and mind. Love and even common decency is at stake. As the generations grow, they all go down hill. Too caught up with the outer shell in which the soul calls home. And by outer shell I mean body. Our souls move on and on through each life and decade. The body you are in now is only temporary. It’s nothing but a mere shell. And what’s wrong with the world is that everyone is so caught up in the appearance of our shell. And the features of our shell. Completely losing sight that the core is what matters the most in this life. Your shell can be flawless head to toe, and you’re put up on a pedastole in display, but you’ll soon realize that beauty is far much more. In fact, it’s the soul and mind of others that make them so appealing that you thrive for more. The reason we all get so attracted to certain people whether it’s intimate or just friendly, is because of what they possess. It draws us to them. We are drawn to certain people. It’s funny how our souls can just connect with each other like that, huh? But we never stop and think about it. So brain washed by the world’s distractions, that we never have time to connect with ourselves because we’re too busy trying to connect with others. So what is life all about? That’s for you to put into words. No matter what your view on life is, just never disconnect with yourself. That is one big mistake we’ve all been guilty of making. Stay connected. Stay alert to what is real and actually matters. Impressing others will get you no where but held up on a pedastole in display. For others to gawk at.

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